Introducing Digital First

At Nottinghamshire County Council we’re improving our online services. We want to make them so good that people that can choose to use them. We’re calling the work toward this Digital First.

On this blog we’ll be sharing the work we’re doing (openness and transparency are really important to us as a Council) and asking you to get involved (find out how here). But we thought as a first hello we’d explain a bit more about what Digital First involves.

What is Digital First?

In all the work we do toward Digital First we’ll be putting you, the user, first. We’ll be starting with your needs and then designing an online service which meets them. Sometimes this may mean we need to change the processes we currently follow in the Council, or it may mean looking at different technology. What it will always mean is that we’ll measure our success on what you think and providing value for money.

Digital design standards

To help the whole Council understand how we’re approaching online services we’ve adopted the Government Digital Services’s Digital Design Principles and will be measuring what we do against them.

They start with understanding needs (that’s your needs first, not ours), mean we’ll use data to help us make informed decisions about what we do, that we’ll build for inclusion,  and we’ll do the hard work to make online services simple for you to use.

The full list of 10 design principles are:

  1. Start with needs
  2. Do less
  3. Design with data
  4. Do the hard work to make it simple
  5. Iterate. Then iterate again.
  6. Build for inclusion
  7. Understand context
  8. Build digital services, not websites
  9. Be consistent, not uniform
  10. Make things open: it makes things better.

You can find out a bit more information on what each of these mean on the Government Digital Service website

What projects will you be working on?

Over the next 18 months we’ll be working on a number of projects all focused on improving the Council’s online services. These include reviewing the systems we use, improving, reviewing our use of social media and looking at our intranet. You can find out more about our projects here.

Who’s writing this blog?

There’ll be a number of people contributing to this blog, all of who will be working on the Digital First project. You can meet the team here.

Doesn’t Digital First exclude people who can’t get online?

Digital First doesn’t mean digital only and we are very clear that online isn’t always the best place for people to access our services. You’ll still be able to get in touch or access services in other ways but where people can, and will, use digital services we want to make them the best they can be.

Keep in touch and get involved

We want people to get involved in the creation of great online services for the Council by sending ideas about how we can improve, trying out the services we build and letting us know what you think. You can find out how to get involved here.

The best way to keep up to date with progress on Digital First is by subscribing to this blog by email.

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