Collaboration and sharing through Pipeline

We’ve joined LocalGov Digital’s Pipeline network to share the work we’re doing and look for opportunities to join up with other councils and public sector bodies to collaborate on digital work.

LocalGov Digital, the network for digital excellence in the sector, has created Pipeline to improve the way councils communicate with each other on what they’re working on, or thinking about doing, to increase collaboration in the sector and reduce duplication.

We’ve already added our work around high level personas which we’re developing as part of our user research work, as well as details of our website rebuild. We’ll be adding more projects as we get going on building digital services for the new over the next few weeks.

We’ve also joined projects posted by other councils such as the Care Act assessment forms and election results dashboard listed by West Berkshire Council. We’re already doing work, or have a system we can share, for these pieces of work and as we’re adopting a ‘digital by design, open by default’ approach sharing fits well with our Digital First approach.

We’re looking forward to seeing more projects being listed – there are already around 80 organisations and more than 30 projects on the network – as well as being able to share and improve our work by being more closely linked with other councils.

You can take a look at Pipeline here and we’d love to hear what you think of us being a part of it or how you think we can get even more benefit for Nottinghamshire by collaborating with others –

Posted by Sarah Lay – Senior Digital Officer. Sarah is also Communications and Community Management Lead for LocalGov Digital

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