Our Digital Design Philosophy

Part of Nottinghamshire County Council's Digital Design PhilosophyWe’ve done a lot over the last few years to ensure the Council has a strong, consistent brand. Yet, we’ve mainly focused our branding efforts offline.

So, our Digital First project provided a timely opportunity to review our brand and our approach to digital branding.

The result is our Digital Design Philosophy – ten principles that keep us focused on meeting our customers’ needs. Relevant, trusted, universal, authentic, innovative, modern, customer focused, joined up, engaging and open.

These principles help explain both our approach, what we hope to achieve through digital branding and are also relevant to and will become integrated with our brand generally. For example, ‘authentic’ means our online voice will be appropriate for the context – ranging from authoritative to entertaining – but we will always sound authentic, human and warm.

Another one is ‘trusted’ which we’ve defined as: our online services will be trusted sources of information which are helpful, reliable and valued by Nottinghamshire residents. Our ambition in terms of being ‘innovative’ in digital design is to take a new and exciting approach to design that anticipates and satisfies customer needs without leaving anyone behind.

Our starting point in developing our philosophy was to look at the BBC’s Global Experience Language, which provided an interesting approach to considering our digital brand. We see the digital design philosophy as a first step towards what may become our own Global Experience Language – a set of standards which allow all the parts of our digital estate to look, talk and behave as if they’re part of the core and help us ensure that even the parts of it we’re not directly delivering achieve the same high level of user experience.

As a Council, we need to remain true to our core values of fairness, value for money and working in partnership so these are clearly reflected in our approach to digital design.

We were determined to communicate our brand values from the customer’s perspective, so we’ve tried to reflect what outcomes our digital design aims to achieve – such as customers can perform tasks online in the easiest possible way and encouraging online conversations so people can express their views, to help improve services and support local democracy.

We’ve keen to keep developing our digital design philosophy as part of our brand, so do let us know what you think of our first attempt to put our digital design ethos into words.

Open and download a PDF of our Digital Design Philosophy.

Posted by Clare Yau, Group Manager Marketing.

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