Making live

Our new website went live yesterday after 18 months of hard work that was focused on making sure that it was a site built around the needs of users.

All through this project, we have been keen to push the message that this is about people not the technology and that what we were seeking to achieve first and foremost was a highly functional site that meant as many people as possible would choose to carry out transactions online.

The fact that we were able to have the site in Beta for four months before launch meant that many of the improvements had already been made and when we switched sites there was not the usual dramas or nervousness around many web launches.

The fact that we used an in-house team to develop the whole site means that we can continually improve the site as we monitor usage and feedback – this is the main advantage over using a third party to develop your site which often makes the improvement cycle slow and costly.

We are now able to promote a Council website that is fit for the modern age and will support the move of many of our services as possible to an online delivery. It is a proud moment.

Councillor Darren Langton, Digital Champion


You can find our website at and if you’d like to leave feedback you can do so through this survey.

To keep up to date with Digital First work and to find out about opportunities to get involved in usability testing, sign up to emailme.

2 thoughts on “Making live

  1. Nice new website, you have a few accessiblity issues mainly form fields missing a label, example your internal search on every page has this issue. Do some testing, lots of free tools out there like WAVE, dont forget your disabled customers.

    • Hi Richard – thanks for your comment. Accessibility is important to us and we are using tools to test the website. We see the move to make this website live as a starting point and there are many elements we’ll be working on improving as fast as we can. This includes the site search, to which improvements should go live in the next couple of weeks. Testing is an in-built part of the process (with all types of customers and people) but it sometimes takes just a short while for us to implement the best solution. Feedback and ideas always welcomed to help us continue building the best site we can, for all.

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