Meet the team

Our work on Digital First affects lots of areas in the council so you may read posts on this blog from many different people.


At a leadership level the project is part of a transformation portfolio held by Jayne Francis-Ward, Corporate Director for Policy, Planning and Corporate Services.

The project sponsor is Martin Done, Service Director Communications and Marketing.

The Digital Champion representing elected members is Councillor Darren Langton.

Workstream leads

There are workstream leads for each of the areas of Digital First work and they’ll be supported by lots of people throughout the whole organisation depending what activity is taking place.

  • review of technical infrastructure, systems and support – Sue Milburn (Group Manager Business, Change and Engagement)
  • creating a new – Clare Yau (Group Manager Communications and Marketing)
  • review of social media and digital engagement – Clare Yau (Group Manager Communications and Marketing)
  • review of extranets and microsites – Paul Belfield (Senior Marketing Officer)
  • review of internal digital communication tools, including the intranet – Clare Yau (Group Manager Communications and Marketing) and Gill Elder (Group Manager HR Operations)

Delivery team

The main team working to deliver Digital First projects (and probably the most frequent bloggers here!) are:

  • Sarah Lay, Senior Digital Officer (Digital Team Leader)
  • Andy Lowe, Senior Digital Officer
  • Natalie Grimshaw, Senior Digital Officer
  • Richard Hindes, Digital Content Officer
  • Ed Hood, Digital Content Officer
  • Robbie Sinclair, Digital Content Officer
  • Yasmin Newell, Digital Content Officer
  • Lucy Pickering, Digital Content Officer
  • Claire Regan, Digital Content Officer
  • Rob Davies, Digital Content Officer
  • Zoe Chilvers, Digital Content Officer
  • Carl Bembridge, Digital Design Officer
  • Leigh Walker, Digital Design Officer
  • Tom Styles, Service Development Manager.

The core delivery team are supported by colleagues across service areas, Communications and Marketing, Customer Service and IT.

2 thoughts on “Meet the team

  1. My collegue Matt Louis has passed onto myself your recent blog regarding your use of Umbraco going forward. In this article you talk about also using Achieve, e-forms, self and service to work with Umbraco. Can you tell me whether you are replacing a CRM with the use of the Achieve products. e.g. did you have Lagan or something similar. Many Thanks, Chris Angell, Digital Services Manager, Borough of Poole

    • Hi Chris – sorry for the late reply on this one. We’ve just begun a project to include the use of Achieve Service into our call centre. We are also developing many customer and internal staff journeys in Achieve Forms to be used in Self, Dash, and Service, on the web and in the call centre. Please feel free to get in touch should you need further information. For a customer service perspective, for technical information Thanks.

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